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Young Sheldon cast looks very much like real life family, right? So, in what way is Iain Armitage similar to Sheldon Cooper? How do his on-screen siblings cope with their popularity? And what do Young Sheldon cast members think about their characters?

It turns out that Iain Armitage is the real life child prodigy, just like Sheldon Cooper! He was born to perform, and first became known for his channel Iain Loves Theatre.

Jim Parsons admitted that he is a huge fan of the younger incarnation of his character on The Big Bang Theory. Amazingly, Zoe Perry is the daughter of Laurie Metcalf, who played Mary Cooper on the hit sitcom TBBT! And did you know that Lance Barber not only plays George Cooper, but also made an appearance in TBBT.

Sheldon Cooper wouldn’t be the person he is without his beloved grandmother Meemaw. Annie Potts loves her character, because she’s a little wacky and unpredictable and crazy about her grandson. But the Young Sheldon cast would be incomplete without Sheldon’s siblings.

Montana Jordan, who plays Georgie, got the part despite having no previous acting experience! And adorable Raegan Revord reveals that Missy’s love-hate relationship with her twin mirrors those she shares with Iain Armitage.

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