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DIY nail art projects tutorial with 5 easy nail art designs tutorial – no tool nail art! In this diy nails project I show five easy nail art designs for which you don’t need any nail art tools! This nail tutorial is perfect for beginners, since it shows 5 easy nail art designs step by step and you can easily make them at home! All these nail designs are for short nails as well as long nails! They are perfect for kids, teenagers, basically everyone. So forget nail art tools, take some nail polishes and let’s DIY your nails with these adorable nail art designs. Yes, nail art can be so easy and simple!

Many would think that this DIY nail tutorial and nail designs are done with professional nail art tools, but these cool nail art designs are in fact made with only a default nail polish brush. First nails design is an adorable flower nail art, perfect to rock on all the nails or just as an accent. We are painting bloom with cute leaves. For my next DIY nail art project I show how to draw rainbow and cloud nail design using only a nail polish brush. You can make perfect narrow stripes without a nail art striper, just overlay stripes and any nail art beginner, with short or long nails, teenager or adult, can achieve this cute nail design at home. Next easy nail art design is a square pattern design. As all nail designs I show this one step by step too. There are only 6 steps for this nail art! 3 horizontal and 3 vertical nail polish stripes. I love how versatile this one can be if you switch up the nail polish colors. For all you animal lovers out there I included a cute mouse nail art. If you change the shape of the ears you can easily get a bear or a rabbit nails instead. Lastly, I show you how to make a fun geometrical nail art without nail art tools. Just swipe the brush diagonally across the nail four times using different nail polish colors and you have a gorgeous and easy nail art design. In this DIY projects for nail art I prove that you don’t need to own any nail art tools, to be able to rock gorgeous nail art designs. Enjoy 🙂

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