Queen Bee 🐝 HUGE Beauty Combo + Lifestyle

Finally I made a queen bee subliminal and I worked hard on it as always * this will make you extremely popular and a huge beauty combo included this is mainly for highschoolers and whatever type of school your in but you can still use if older 💞

Warning might take a while to read vvvv

🐝 Extremely powerful booster included (googleplex + nanoseconds affirmations)

🐝Facial features to enhance to the max
🐝Exquisite Glo up
🐝Beauty looks like your apart of royalty
🐝Become the definition of “expensive”
🐝Your beauty is a gift from the Lord/God/Universe etc.
🐝look 9000x more beautiful every time you go to school
🐝People notice you look 9000x gorgeous everyday
🐝Extremely clear skin overnight
🐝Glowing clear radiant skin
🐝The most beautiful skin in the entire galaxy
🐝Skin as soft as a newborn
🐝immune to spots/acne
🐝Acne scars to be cleared
🐝Have the appearance of La Mer foundation professionally applied
🐝All skin imperfections are gone
🐝Perfectly sculpted nose
🐝Perfect nose like Barbie
🐝Small nostrils
🐝be free from hyperhidrosis on the nose
🐝To have beautiful massive dolly eyes (exaggeration)
🐝Beautiful Almond eyes
🐝Eyes that speak words
🐝eyes that are as rare and beautiful
🐝eye colour is 999,999,999x lighter
🐝Glossy eyes + enhanced eyes
🐝White pearly and sparkly teeth
🐝teeth that sparkle
🐝teeth look like you have been using Colgate Optic White Sparkling Mint Toothpaste for a decade
🐝Straightest teeth known to mankind
🐝get rid of gaps
🐝extremely minty breath everyday all day
🐝lips are as soft as silk
🐝 lips are super smooth
🐝Get the most exotic and exquisite lips
🐝 lips look like you have been using CRÈME DE ROSE lip care for a decade
🐝 have amazing results of CRÈME DE ROSE lip care
🐝Long wispy mink lashes
🐝lashes growing 800 times faster
🐝Long dolly like lashes (falsies)
🐝lashes are 999 times longer than before
🐝Lashes compliment your eyes
🐝Thick arched eyebrows
🐝Eyebrows are professionally neatened and done
🐝Have the appearance of the Anastasia Dipbrow perfectly applied
🐝long eyebrows hairs that grow extremely long overnight
🐝have a beautiful slim face
🐝 get rid of face fat and neck fat permanently
🐝 have a nice and healthy slim face
🐝 immune to dark circles
🐝 free from dark circles for eternity
🐝 have the appearance of Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Masks like You have been using it for a decade
🐝 have the amazing results of the Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Masks as if you have been using it for a decade
🐝Fresh bright undereyes
🐝 have a blinding natural highlight
🐝 have a blinding natural highlight on my cheekbones,nose tip and brow bone in a nanosecond
🐝 have the appearance of LE LION DE CHANEL highlighter professionally applied
🐝People always think your wearing expensive highlighter
🐝smell like yummy caramel
🐝seductive scent of caramel
🐝smell like caramel 24/7
🐝petite forehead

🐝Everyone loves you
🐝Everyone admires you
🐝Become the queen bee of your school year
🐝Become extremely popular and respected in your school and area
🐝Become the most popular girl in your school
🐝Everyone loves you and your personality
🐝People never talk behind your back
🐝People always hype you up every single day
🐝Get the hype you deserve
🐝All your problems are always gone in a click
🐝All your worries and problems have been solved by the universe
🐝 Become the luckiest person in the world
🐝 Have extreme luck
🐝 Become 999,999,999 times more popular this instant
🐝 always get positive attention only
🐝 bully proof
🐝 free of bullies
🐝Nobody will ever hurt you again
🐝People see you as a baddie
🐝 parents are extremely wealthy
🐝 parents get 100,000 cash in their bank account daily LEGALLY
🐝Parents get tons of money daily LEGALLY
🐝know what’s right and wrong
🐝 know what makes people happy
🐝 can make people laugh instantly

Song: 7 rings – Ariana Grande

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