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Lifestyle Home Lift – The Lift to Future Proof Your Home
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The Terry Lifestyle Lift is a new and innovative, top of the range Home Lift. The Lifestyle Lift allows people to stay in the home and neighbourhood they love even if they experience mobility problems now or in the future. It provides a simple and relatively inexpensive alternative to expensive home adaptations, or even unwanted relocation to another property. The Lifestyle Home Elevator is the ultimate way to “future proof” a house in case the homebuilder’s needs ever change, adding value to a property which a stair lift would not do.

The Lifestyle Home Lift features an elegant design and a stylish, slim profile. Instead of requiring a shaft, the lift has a self-supporting structure. This means that the residential lift takes up a minimal amount of space and can be installed quickly and easily. It is fixed to the floor base, to the aperture ring and the ceiling on the first floor. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also alleviates the need to fix to a party wall which may back onto a next door neighbour.

Customisation options allow the domestic lift to be made to suit the existing décor so it blends with the look and feel of the house. A range of colours and finishes are available for the interior and exterior of the cabin, as well as various types of flooring including carpet and laminate effect. Wireless landing controls come with the home lift as standard on both the upper and lower levels, so that you can call the lift to the floor you need. The Lifestyle cabin is fitted with a clear glass panel door and there is an option to include a fold down seat and a wireless handheld remote control.

Terry Lifts prides itself in manufacturing products that incorporate the highest safety standards. The Lifestyle Lift has a battery backup that allows the user to return to the ground floor even if there is a power cut. Pressure sensitive safety edges stop the lift gently if an obstruction is detected either above or below. The home lift complies with BS 5900:2012 where applicable and is independently certificated to the Machinery Directive which is a legal requirement when a lift travel is above 3 metres. There is a 30-minute fire protection between the floors, whether the lift is parked upstairs or downstairs.

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