Gongshow Hockey: The Junior Lifestyle

Lifestyle Hockey Apparel – Playing Junior Hockey is something that changes us; you arrive at training camp your rookie year as a boy, and years later, as a seasoned vet, you leave a man. Over a season of junior hockey your team mates become more then just friends – they become your family – and these years will be something you look back on when your older with a smile on your face. Enjoy them if you are living in the moment now, look forward to them if you are working towards playing junior, and we hope this video lets you remember this time if you these days have passed for you. Enjoy

We thought we would change gears a bit show why we all play this sport: a deep love for the game of hockey on and off the ice. The GSH Boys followed around the Canadian National Champion Pembroke Lumber Kings of the CCHL Tier II Junior “A” to film this video – a great bunch of guys and we appreciate them letting us into their world.

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All members in this video are of legal drinking age in the province of Ontario, Canada. Do not drink alcohol if you are not of legal age in your province/state/country. If you are of legal age, please drink responsibly. Do not attempt any stunts seen in this video.

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